Hyundai Lease-End Information


- Contact Hyundai Motor Finance at (800) 523-4030 X29177

*Before your lease expires, call or visit on the web at for answers to any questions.

-Schedule Your Complimentary Vehicle Inspection
*A representative from SGS Automotive Services, INC. ("SGS") will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time and place to inspect the vehicle before the lease expires. SGS will give you a field inspection report itemizing any items of excess wear and use to the vehicle.
*Refer to the "HMF Excess Wear Table" to better understand what is inspected and what may be chargeable.

-Make Repairs, if Necessary
*If your vehicle has excess wear you should have the items repaired. Please refer to the "HMF Excess Wear Table" for more information. Be sure to save all of your repair receipts.
*If you return the vehicle without repairing excess wear, you will be sent a bill for any excess wear and use charges due.
*Should your vehicle's condition change after the inspection but before you return it, due to repairs or additional damage, please notify your dealer upon returing the vehicle.

-Contact Straub Hyundai for an Appointment to Return Your Vehicle
*Vehicles may be returned only to an authorized Hyundai dealership.

-Bring the Following Items with You to the Dealership:
1. Completed and signed HMF Odometer Disclosure Statement
2. A blank HMF Lease Vehicle Turn-in Receipt
3. The field inspection report from SGS
4. All vehicle keys and keyless entry devices
5. The original vehicle owner's manual
6. Proof of repairs of any excess wear noted on the SGS field condition report

-Notice Regarding License Plates
*Some states require you to return the license plates to the state motor vehicle department. If so, please remove all license plates from the vehicle and return them to the issuing state motor vehicle department. Call your state motor vehicle department for details.

-Contact Hyundai Motor Finance
*After vehicle turn-in you must notify HMF's Lease-End Team at (800) 523-4030 x 29177. Please have your portion of the Vehicle Turn-In Receipt available.