Hyundai Kona 18-Inch Alloy Wheels Keep the Rubber Close to the Road

The new Hyundai Kona is a crossover vehicle that feels just as home on city streets as it does on country roads. Contributing to the Hyundai Kona model's stability are specially designed 18-inch alloy wheels backed up by driver steering assistance systems.

The new Kona is a CUV, and this means that this vehicle blends the handling characteristics of a smaller car with the interior space of an SUV. The handling characteristics of the Kona benefit greatly from the 235/45 r18 tires made to fit seamlessly over 18-inch metal alloy wheels. The wheel and tire combination provides drivers like you with peace of mind whether you find yourself on asphalt or dirt surfaces.

With the Hyundai Kona power steering system hard at work, drivers like you won’t have too much trouble turning these amply sized tires. Even though this capable steering system works tirelessly behind the scenes, the electric motors that power it ensure that driver and passengers will not be disturbed by excessive noise or hydraulic fumes.



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