Know the Types of Winter Tires

Winter driving can be stressful and dangerous at times, especially if you don’t have the right type of winter tires. At Straub Hyundai, we want you to know about the various types of winter tires so you can make an informed decision when buying your next set of winter tires.

Winter passenger snow tires, available for cars, light trucks and SUVs, are offered as the following types: 
  • Performance winter snow tires offer good handling on dry roads.
  • Studless ice and snow tires offer the maximum road handling and traction on snowy or icy roads. Studded winter snow tires offer basic handling in winter snow with extra traction on icy roads.

Whether you’re in need of winter tires or just have some questions, we’re the place to visit. We offer a full line of winter tires and invite you to our dealership to have your tires swapped so you’re ready for winter driving.



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