Consider the Handling of the New Hyundai Kona

There are a ton of things to love about the Hyundai Kona. For one, it’s ranked number one in its class by US News & World Report. It has a multilink suspension that keeps the car’s grip on the road around difficult turns and absorbs most of the bumps and shocks from rough or brick roads. With strong brakes and responsive steering, you can feel safe when you’re driving this amazing SUV as well. However, some drivers say there’s even more capabilities with the Kona.

For example, some drivers say that the Kona has minor off-roading capabilities. It can easily take on any road with minimal body roll, too. However, you would probably have to upgrade from the standard front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive. If you purchase the electric Kona, you won’t be able to get the all-wheel drive package, however.

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